After arriving in North America from Karachi, Rahim began to miss the Pakistani food which he was so adapted to having spent his childhood in Pakistan. After a few years Rahim decided to open the first and only Pakistani restaurant in Kingston in 2003. Chef Rahim has 27 years of experience having worked at many area restaurants as well as his own catering business for 10 years.

The food at Rahim’s Cuisine is prepared “Just Like Mom Used to Cook”. Each dish has been designed to reflect the vast range of Pakistani Cuisine focusing primarily on the traditional way of cooking at home. The Pakistani items in the menu include beef, chicken, lamb, vegetarian dishes and seafood which happens to be Rahim’s speciality.

At Rahim’s you get to specify how spicy you want the food to be by choosing one of the following - mild, medium, Canadian hot or Pakistani hot (which is a bit spicier than the Canadian). Each dish is then freshly prepared upon taking the order.

Rahim appreciates that not all family members have the same food preferences, he has therefore designed his menu not only to satisfy Pakistani food lovers, but it also caters the needs of Canadian food lovers. Items such as Steak, burgers and hot dogs top the list.

Rahim can also serve larger groups for various occasions such as birthdays, wedding ceremonies or farewell parties by providing catering services.

The Sunday and Monday evening buffets are definitely the best times to come and discover the great food “Just Like Mom Used to Cook” at Rahim’s Cuisine. We look forward to serving you!


HOTLINE: (613) 531-3157

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